Why is Wedding Photography Valuable?

Wedding photography is a sizeable portion of your wedding budget, but your photographer is more than just another wedding vendor. We are your storyteller, your historian, and your personal artist. You are not just hiring us to capture the story of your wedding so that it can be remembered and retold for generations; you are hiring us to create picture-perfect memories and artistic photos that you will be proud to display and share. Long after the vows have been taken, the cake has been eaten, the dress stored, the decorations dismantled, and the dance floor emptied, your photos will live on. Your wedding photos have the potential to outlive the people in them, thus telling your story and the story of your family for generations to come. 

Your wedding photos tell the story of your wedding, your love, your relationship, now and into the future.

Your wedding day will fly by!

It is hard to describe just how fast your wedding day will fly by; blink, and you will miss it. There is a constant buzz of activity from the moment you wake up to the moment you fall asleep. The non-stop nature of a wedding makes it hard to keep up, and small meaningful moments are often missed in the chaos and excitement of the day. This is where a skilled wedding photographer comes in. From capturing a grandma, who never smiles, smiling, to a fleeting loving glance between the bride or groom’s parents, a wedding day is full of small fleeting sentimental moments.  

The big moments fly by too! One comment we hear from every couple we photograph is that they were shocked at how fast everything happens. I remember thinking the same thing after my wedding. I woke up the next day and struggled to remember what we had done, who had been there, and even what my now wife’s flowers had looked like. A couple of months later, our photos arrived, and everything came rushing back! Even better were the photos of things I didn’t even know had happened. To this day, the memories of my wedding are based on the photos we have.

Your wedding photographs tell your story!

A few years after we got married, we started a family. What surprised me was how important our wedding photos are to our children, particularly my daughter. She loves flipping through our photo book while my wife tells her the story of how we got married. Even more surprising was her reaction to seeing the photos in my parent’s house of my grandparents at their wedding. She never met my grandparents, but she now knows the stories behind her parents, her grandparents, and even her great-grandparents’ weddings. All because of photos.

You spend a lot of time, effort, and money planning your wedding and curating the details; make sure you remember it all.

You’ve picked out the perfect cake from a great Calgary bakery and topped it with a cute custom wedding topper that fits your personality. Your venue has been carefully decorated, and your bouquet is tied with a ribbon that your mom had on her wedding bouquet. These details are what make your wedding special, and they are a part of your story. Decades after your wedding, you can remember these unique details through the power of your wedding photos.


Absolutely. It’s your wedding, and it is essential that you do it your way. However, we always caution people about having a friend or family member photograph their wedding. A wedding is a momentous occasion, full of important moments that can’t be recreated or photographed again. Additionally, most wedding venues offer challenging lighting and shooting conditions, making getting great photographs difficult to impossible without the right experience and equipment. The risk to having a friend or family member photograph your wedding is that if they aren’t experienced with photographing weddings, the odds are high that their photos will underwhelm you. This can lead to bitter disappointment for you and a damaged relationship with your friend or loved one. Finally, it takes your loved ones out of the moment; they are no longer present as a guest to witness and participate fully in your wedding. Instead, they are trying their hardest to get great photos for you, unless, of course, they get sucked into the excitement of the day and just stop taking photos altogether.

This is why we recommend hiring a professional photographer. This way, you can be guaranteed that your photographer has the right skills, equipment, and mindset to get the job done. 

Yes! Obviously, we are biased, but we genuinely believe wedding photography is important. Capturing the story of your wedding and the special moments that happen throughout the day through the art of photography is worth it!

It gives you a visual and permanent record of a significant moment in your life and the life of your family. Wedding photographs and albums become heirloom items that can be passed from generation to generation, allowing the story of your love to be told and remembered as if it happened yesterday.

Hiring a professional wedding photographer ensures you don’t have to stress about your photos. A professional will be able to capture your wedding and all the moments, big and small, and the details so that you can remember the whole day for years to come. You can be guaranteed results and won’t have to worry that your uncle Ned forgot to charge the battery on his camera. 

The short answer is time. Properly capturing your story takes lots of time. Scouting and preparation before your wedding, then the time spent photographing your wedding, which all pales compared to the time spent after your wedding editing and curating the final photos that we deliver. But this doesn’t account for everything; we spend time every year attending courses and conferences to better ourselves; we practice and refine our technique and experiment with cool new ideas. Our gear is constantly being updated, maintained, and replaced to ensure that we don’t miss a moment of your special day. Another factor often overlooked is the cost of data storage, backup data, and backing up the backup; we can’t re-shoot your wedding if something happens to our data, so we take its safety very seriously.

So it happened, the forecast came true, and that classic Calgary Thunderstorm came rolling through at 3:00 PM, exactly when you were supposed to be getting your bride and groom portraits done. What to do now?

The first option is to wait it out. Often in Calgary and Southern Alberta, the bad weather passes within twenty to thirty minutes. If you have planned enough time for photos, we can wait it out, and you can sneak off to enjoy a few minutes of quiet time with your new spouse.

If waiting it out isn’t an option, we can move to Plan B. This is where having indoor locations to get photos, combined with our location scouting, comes into play.

Finally, if you are adventurous and up for some fun, we embrace the weather and capture some truly one-of-a-kind photos. 

Because we offer an all inclusive service, and because you get us for the entire day, we go where you go. If that means we get to the venue and stay there for the whole day, great. If it means we are at the bride's house, then the groom's parents' house, then the ceremony venue, before heading out to a nearby park and a coffee shop for portraits and candids of the couple, before finally arriving at the reception and dance location, that’s perfectly fine. Plan your day for you and we will follow. Remember, we are here to capture your day, how you want it.


Maple Bacon Photography offers an all-inclusive wedding package for large weddings and a small wedding package for a several-hour photo shoot. Both of these options give the couple flexibility of time and will create beautiful photos.

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Maple Bacon Photography is proud to have worked with many families and happy couples. Since the creation of our company in 2015, we have established ourselves as a reliable and trustworthy business among our clients. But don’t just take our word for it!

Maple Bacon Photography

Maple Bacon Photography

Photographs are more than just taking a picture while everyone smiles, it’s a way to capture a special moment in time and preserve it for yourself and your family to reflect on for years to come. At Maple Bacon Photography, we know that photos are important, sentimental items and we understand the immense value they hold. That is why we work with our clients to not only photograph them during their wedding day or family outing, but to understand their journey and perfectly encapsulate it through honed photography skills and photojournalism.

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