How to Get Great Photos of Your Kids!

Let Your Children be Children to get Great Photos of Them!

At Maple Bacon Photography, we have learned that the best way to get picture-perfect photos of children is to simply let them be children. It is almost impossible to get a child to pose perfectly and sit still for more than a few minutes at a time for a traditional photoshoot. Trying to force the issue only stresses everyone out and leads to cranky parents and portraits of frowning children. We take a more relaxed and fun approach that lets us capture amazing family photos and portraits of your children. 

Have Fun!

The first step to capturing amazing family photos is to have fun together as a family. Why? Because everyone will be happier, more energetic, and their authentic selves will shine. No forced smiles or awkward expressions. Plus, when everyone is having fun, the love and joy you all share for each other shows through. This leads to fantastic photos, and keeps the kids interested and present.

Be Flexible!

We like to have a general plan for how a photoshoot will run. However, we don’t handcuff ourselves to it. Instead, we let your family, the weather, and the location guide the shoot. For example, if we go to one of Calgary’s amazing local parks, we might plan to get some group photos in a lovely wooded location a short walk down the path. But, maybe along the way, the kids find some remarkable rocks, some tall grass to run through, or a playground. These moments of exploration and adventure often give us the best results, so we modify the plan.

It’s OK if Something Goes Wrong!

We have kids, and we have photographed lots of them. We expect something to happen. Temper tantrums, being camera shy, getting dirty, or just having “none of it.” We have seen it all, and we are used to working with it. So don’t stress. We have found that if everyone does their best not to make a big deal about it and instead stays relaxed and has fun, we can work through almost anything. Sometimes the best photos come from these moments of imperfection. 

This is a common problem that many parents struggle with; fortunately, at Maple Bacon Photography, we have many tactics and tools for capturing authentic smiles from your kids. One of the easiest ways for us to capture unique portraits of your children is to let them be kids. We let you and your kids have fun, explore, and play. It is in these moments where your child has forgotten about the camera that we capture the best and brightest smiles. 

Getting a picture-perfect family photo can be a challenge. However, using a professional photographer makes it a lot easier. At Maple Bacon Photography, we are experts in creating family portraits that make everyone look their best. We utilize various techniques and tools to achieve this, from expert posing to photoshop.

Let them be a toddler! The best way to get big smiles and photos full of personality is to let your toddler be a toddler. This may mean letting them explore or play with a favourite toy, especially for the first part of any photoshoot. Most toddlers are shy at first; however, if they see their parents relaxed and having fun with the photographer, they often relax and become more expressive. We often shoot our family photos in local parks or natural areas, where we can walk, stop at a playground, or explore the fantastic scenery that Calgary and Southern Alberta have. The time spent walking and exploring often helps to get big smiles from little kids. 

Happy Moments We've Captured!

Maple Bacon Photography is proud to have worked with many families and happy couples. Since the creation of our company in 2015, we have established ourselves as a reliable and trustworthy business among our clients. But don’t just take our word for it!

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